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Support for people bereaved by suicide

If you’re thinking about suicide

Urgent support is available 24/7 from the Black Country mental health helpline on 0800 008 6516

Bereaved by suicide

The emotions experienced after bereavement by suicide can be very different to those following other types of loss. People bereaved by suicide can have a particularly complex set of feelings and face additional struggles in trying to resolve their grief. There is no right or wrong way to feel when grieving, and everybody deals with grief differently.

Dealing with your bereavement may feel complicated and overwhelming, but you are not alone. Every year deaths by suicide leave many families and friends searching for answers. The services and resources below may help. Please reach out for support. 

 Samaritans and Cruse Bereavement Care Facing The Future support groups have been created for people bereaved by suicide.

Support after Suicide Partnership resources such as the Help is at Hand and Finding the Words booklets can be of help after a loss by suicide. The Support after Suicide Partnership website also provides lots of other useful resources.

Rethink Mental Illness Suicide Bereavement Services have translated the English version of their Suicide - Coping With Loss Factsheet into the 10 most spoken non-English languages in the UK. This is to ensure that people whose nationality is not English have access to bereavement information in their own language. The new languages include Arabic, Spanish, French, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu, Polish, Portuguese and Chinese. The link above takes you to the English version that can be read online or downloaded into a PDF. If you scroll down to the overview section you will see clickable links to download the factsheet in the non-English languages.

 The local organisations below also provide specific support for people who have been bereaved by suicide.  

Black Country Mental Health  

The Kaleidoscope Plus Group 

Black Country Support After Suicide 

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