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Why we’re here

Suicide is a real risk to human lives. As many as 1 in 4 people experience thoughts of suicide at some point. Although it impacts many lives, talking about suicide can feel difficult. 

Dudley’s Suicide Prevention Partnership, supported by the Dudley Health and Wellbeing Board, is here to help change the way people may think about suicide and to encourage people affected to reach out.

Our aims are to:

Improve suicide awareness


Provide reassurance to anyone in need of support


Encourage people affected by suicide to reach out and speak up

Suicide myths

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There's no way back from suicidal thoughts

It is common for people who have thoughts of suicide to feel that there is no way back. People can be reluctant to seek help because they see it as pointless. We know that this is not the case and that help is out there. Many people who have suicidal thoughts can and do recover with the right care and support.

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There's no help

Another common feeling is that there is no real help out there.

This is not the case. There are many organisations providing help for people who are having thoughts of suicide, working locally and nationally. 


Visit our GET HELP NOW page for help and advice.

Suicidal thoughts mean someone wants to die

Another common misunderstanding is that people who experience thoughts of suicide or who attempt suicide want to die. This is often not the case. People who attempt suicide may want change, but see taking their life as the only way out from the pain they are feeling. Support is out there. Please do not suffer alone, reach out, GET HELP NOW

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Talking about suicide will put the idea into someone's head

Some people think that talking about suicide will put the idea into somebody's head. This is not true, if anything it creates a suicide safer community. Find out more about how to talk about suicide. 

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Suicide is a crime

Some people think that suicide is a crime.

Though this is is no longer the case, this belief can make it difficult for people to be open about how they are feeling and ask for the help they need.

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